Bus Charter Services

We provide comprehensive bus charter service within Singapore.

Bus charter services include:

1.Airport transfer
We will track your flight ETA to Singapore. When you step out of Changi airport
arrival hall, our coach captain will be there to receive you and guests.
Our coach captains are always punctual for Airport transfer pickup
from hotels/cruise centre.

2.Contracted long term transit services
Contracted bus charter services include company staffs transport and
shuttle bus services - business park, shopping mall, changi airport.

3.Ad-hoc bus charter services
Ad-hoc bus charter refer to one time charter of bus services. This include
booking by individual and corporate. Simply email us sales@mybus.com.sg
your bus charter requirements, we will reply and advise rates within 2 working days

4.Premium bus Services (PBS) to Changi Business Park
Unlike charter bus services, PBS run on scheduled timing and routes.
Payment are base on pay-per-trip, by ez-link/NETS flashpay or cash. Our PBS include:
PBS 740, 742, 728 and 593. All PBS to/fro Changi Business Park.

bus charter service in singapore